From a quick solder repair, or major rebuild we’ve got you covered. It can be a Car/Truck, Drone, Helicopter or Airplane. We know what we’re doing, and we’re dedicated to keeping you out having fun.

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Pilot Maximus is a small hobby shop dedicated to bringing you top quality hobby products and services. We have exciting new Drones, Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, and more.  We also have the parts to keep them going.  We get new items every few days.  

Pilot Maximus

Just some of the popular brands available at

rc Flight




Want to learn how to fly an RC Airplane, Helicopter, or Drone but just need a little help getting off the ground?  We can teach you to fly.  We can help you learn to fly your own aircraft or we can get you in the air with one of our trainer aircraft.  



The Shop



and FPV

Need a Drone? Whether it's the exciting new high speed FPV racing drones or Aerial Photo and video ships with mission planning, Pilot Maximus can get you the right equipment for the job. We can custom build one for you or help you choose one of the many ready to fly options.